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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising

The staff of the Department of Adult Studies (DAS) provides a variety of advising and counseling services for all adult students prior to and throughout the program. Academic advising is an important part of your educational journey at Anderson University. It is our role to also empower you to find information that you seek so that you can plan, choose and make decisions 24/7, rather than having to wait for an appointment. Through Moodle, visit the online Adult Ed Advising where you will find answers to all your advising questions! And of course, we are available to help you as well!

What will occur during academic advising?
The Department of Adult Studies will explain to you in detail the options for additional credit. The various credit options are:

  • CLEP Testing
  • Bridge Courses – both online and onsite, both semester long and accelerated courses.
  • Adult Education Classes – traditional daytime courses
  • ACE Credits

The DAS will also be able to review your student evaluation and answer any questions you have about the transfer of credits.

When will I be advised?
Before starting classes, you will meet with the DAS to review your Assessment Overview. Once you have started classes and declared a major, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor from that department. Please contact your advisor if you have questions regarding enrolling in upcoming semester classes.

Why is advising necessary?
Your advisor can assist you in understanding and completing all degree requirements (core courses and electives as applicable) in a timely manner. We have created tools that map out what requirements have been met, and which ones have not. The DAS will help and guide you toward graduation.

How do I know if I need additional credits?
After your first appointment with the DAS, you will have a better understanding of what credits are needed to complete the degree and how to obtain those. Your advisor will assist you in planning how to complete those credits in the timeliest manner. It is important to keep in contact with your advisor on your progress.