Anderson, Indiana


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Ellen Daniels, Director of Adult Studies
As an Anderson University alumnus, I well recognize the value of my educational experience. Yes, I earned a degree, but my life was changed in the process as I encountered faculty and staff who invested in me. Anderson University is a family affair. Not only did I graduate from A.U., but my husband and two sons did as well. All three of them also went on to earn A.U. graduate degrees. We are true Raven fans.  

I relish the opportunity to help adult students achieve the dream of graduating with a college degree. No matter if you are just beginning your journey, or you started 50 years ago,  we are here to help you finish! It is our goal to assist as you figure out your next steps in life.

Ellen has served at Anderson University since 2008.

Hardacre Hall 143
(765) 641-4254

Cathy Moore, Program Assistant
“Hello. How can I help?”  This is how you will be greeted by Cathy Moore when entering the Adult Studies office.  Cathy appreciates the unique situations of adult students and makes every attempt to help on their journey.

She and her family believe in the values and mission of AU. Two of her sons graduated from AU and her husband has been an instructor in the music department since 1982. As Program Assistant, Cathy welcomes the opportunity to serve adult students at Anderson University.

Cathy has served at Anderson University since 1999.

Hardacre Hall 140
(765) 641-4250

Ruth Pritchett, Academic Advisor
Ruth is a firm believer in lifelong learning. Since 2008, Ruth has found great joy in helping adult students take the first step in accomplishing the goal of completing their degree at Anderson University. She has taken adult education classes herself and also spent several years teaching adults as a teaching leader for Bible Study Fellowship International. She also has work experience in media sales. Her education and experience give her a platform to help adults who want to continue their education.

Ruth has served at Anderson Univeresity since 2008.

Hardacre Hall 142
(765) 641-4252

Mary Trent, Financial Aid Counselor
Mary came to Anderson University in 2001 as a financial aid counselor in Student Financial Services, assisting traditional undergraduate students with the financial aid process.  In 2011, Mary transitioned to the School of Adult Learning as the financial aid counselor to undergraduate adult education students.  Mary's two sons are AU graduates, so she appreciates the value of the AU experience.  Mary is always happy to assist adult students with their unique challenges so they can achieve their goals of a college degree.

Mary has served at Anderson University since 2001.

Hardacre Hall 141
(765) 641-4563